This tournament was created by the South Windsor Soccer Club (SWSC) for the participation of boys and girls U9, U10, U11 & U12 teams only.  All players will receive a participation award for their involvement with the tournament.  It is encouraged that teams exchange patches at the conclusion of each game.  This tournament is intended to provide a fun atmosphere for children to develop their soccer skills by participating in the game of soccer.
All tournament games will be played in accordance with the laws of the game as issued by F.I.F.A. except where modified below:

Player Eligibility
All players, and the teams in which they are registered, must be properly registered with their state or national soccer association. Players are allowed to double roster with teams from within their own club or organization, with the understanding that age restrictions are not violated.

The team roster form must be submitted as part of registration process. The teams certified roster will be checked against player passes and surrendered at the time of registration. Each team will be limited to the players, coaches and managers whose names appear on that roster. In the event that a player is added to the roster after the first game or if an ineligible player participates in any game, that team will automatically forfeit all games in which such player(s) played.
Each team U9 and U10 will be composed of a maximum of twelve (12) players.  Two guest players are allowed.
Each team U11 and U12 will be composed of a maximum of sixteen (16) players.  Two guest players are allowed.

Player Passes
Player passes will be checked at registration and must be available for Field Marshal / Referee inspection fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of each game.

Insurance Forms
The South Windsor Soccer Club Tournament Medical Release Form for each player must be shown at the time of registration. The Medical Release Forms must be carried with the coach or manager at all times during the tournament.

Inclement Weather
Regardless of weather conditions, coaches and teams must appear on the field of play and be ready to play as scheduled. Failure to appear will result in forfeiture of the game. Only the referee and/or the tournament Director(s) can cancel, postpone, or reschedule a game.

  • Inclement weather before games: In case of severe weather conditions on the day of the tournament check the SWSC “Cancellation Hotline” 860-805-2793 for updates.
  • Inclement weather during games: Should a game’s progress be terminated due to weather conditions after the half, the game will be considered official and the score at that time will stand.

All games will start as scheduled. No overtime. Tardiness will shorten game times. If games are behind schedule the referee has the authority to shorten the game to get back on schedule.

Refunds must be requested in writing.  SWSC reserves the right to deduct administrative fees from the refund.

General Rules

  • All decisions by the referees are final.
  • This soccer tournament has been organized to promote healthy competition between players. It is hoped that all participants including the players, coaches and fans will join in the positive support of the players, referees and tournament officials.
  • The tournament committee, South Windsor Soccer Club, and the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA) will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team or club if the tournament is canceled in part or in whole.
  • Coaches, managers and team officials are not permitted on the field of play without the referee’s permission. Any coach, manager or team official violating this rule is subject to disciplinary action by the Referee and/or Tournament Director(s).
  • Coaches are reminded that they are responsible for the behavior of their players, managers and fans.
  • Any player who receives a red card will not be allowed to play in the teams’ next two games. If any person associated with the team, (coach, asst, coach, manager) is dismissed from the game, they will not be allowed to participate in the teams’ next two games. Anyone receiving two yellow cards in the tournament will not be allowed to participate in their teams’ next scheduled game. Anyone receiving two red cards during the tournament will be banned from further tournament play.
  • The Tournament Director(s) reserves the right to disqualify any team, player, coach, manager or team official from the tournament for gross misconduct of its coaches, players, managers, officials, or fans.
  • Uniforms:
  • Rubber cleats  and shin guards are mandatory.
  • No jewelry. This includes earrings (taped earrings are not permitted), bracelets, beads or hard hair clips.
  • All teams will bring alternate color jerseys or pinnie’s.  At the discretion of the referee the home team (listed first on game schedule) will change.
  • Goalkeepers will wear a different color than the remainder of the team.
  • There are no time outs.
  • Teams will be on the opposite side of the field from spectators.
  • No parents or coaches are allowed behind the goal line.
  • A coach will remain with players after games until all players have been picked up. No child should be left at the soccer fields alone.
  • All coaches and spectators should encourage good play by both teams.

Game Rules U9, U10, U11 and U12

  • Guaranteed four (4) games, single day, Round Robin Format,
      • A size four (4) ball is used
  • Game play is 7 v7 for U9 and U10
  • Game Play is 9 v 9 for U11 and U12
      • Games will start/stop on the sound of the air horn regardless of team readiness.
      • Game will consist of one (1) 40 minute game.  No halftime.
  • Substitutions shall be unlimited, but may only be made with the referee’s permission at any stoppage in play.
        • Protests will not be accepted.

Game Rules U11 and U12 (in addition to the above rules)

      • Scoring of tournament points will be:

• Win = three points
• Tie = one point

      • Should a tie exist at the conclusion of all games the following tie breakers will be used:

1. Head to Head Results. (Head-to-head does not apply if three or more teams are tied)
2. Goals Against. (maximum 3 per game)
3. Goals For. (maximum 3 per game)
4. Shut Outs.
5. Penalty Kicks.

Sportsmanship Awards

  • Each team will receive 4 Sportsmanship Awards at registration.  The awards are to be given out to a player or coach on the opposing team that displayed good sportsmanship during the match.  It is suggested that the players are involved in the selection process.  One award is presented per game by each team.